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2015 Hairstyles to suit and easily manage over the Easter holidays

Easter is a lovely time of the year. The sun is beginning to shine as the dreary days of winter give way to the brightness of spring. There is a lot of inspiration for hairstyles around and as flowers start to blossom your options are much more open.

The kids are out of school and so much to do around the house, we hope this article gives you some ideas on hairstyles you can manage easily over the Easter holidays.

One of the
timeless hairstyles which are easy to deploy and maintain is the twisted updo hairstyle. Ideal for women with long hair, it takes less than 10 minutes to have this style perfected once you known how.

The first step is to style your hair and create waves using a curling iron. Part your hair into three sections, left side, right side and the back. Twist the left and right side sections into a thick braid (on each side). Turn the back section into a bun and twist the side sections around it. Use bobby pins to fix and voila!

The next hairstyle that’s simple to do and you can easily do at home is the tousled topknot. All you will need is your favourite can of mousse and work it through
damp hair. Dry it to obtain the texture you want then use your fingers to gather your hair to the top of your head. Secure it into a ponytail using an elastic hair tie. To get the topknot effect rope your hair around the base of the ponytail and use hairpins to fix it.

To embrace the spirit of Easter and the spring season both hairstyles above can be wonderful. You can use bright yellow or other colour flowers and fix it on top of the topknot.

The twisted updo can also be made “Easterly” by finding a suitable accessory that matches your outfit. Both hairstyles have one thing in common, you can easily do them at home and will take only a little time out of your day.

Go ahead and give them a try.

Platinum Hair Studio has plenty more ideas for you to try. Our stylists are experienced at creating a fantastic Spring feel to freshen up your hairstyle. Hair colour is also a very sought after experience running up to the the summer months.

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