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5 Hair Care Tips to Maintain Healthy Hair After You Come Out of the Water

If you are something of a mermaid and enjoy taking a splash at every opportunity, then you should read this article. Whether you take your dips in the swimming pool or the sea, you need to know how to maintain your hair health.

Sea water and chlorine can have a devastating effect on your hair, leaving it dry, frizzy, brittle and sometimes even discolour.

Below are 5 hair care tips to ensure your hair stays healthy after swimming:

  • 1. Always wash out your hair immediately after swimming - never skip the shower after you have been swimming. Rinsing out the chlorine or sea water out of your hair will eliminate the prime potential cause of hair damage.

  • 2. Pack a clarifying shampoo of your choice in your swimming bag - chlorinated or sea water makes your hair heavy and greasy. Clarifying shampoo removes deposits of wax and other chemical agents from your hair, restoring its shine.

  • 3. Regular deep conditioning treatment - If you go swimming more than twice a week then having regular deep conditioning treatment is recommended. You can opt for salon treatments or do it yourself at home. Help your hair lock in more moisture and stay healthy.

  • 4. Use a swimming cap - as with everything else, prevention is better than cure. Using a swimming cap will minimise your hair’s exposure to chlorinated or sea water.

  • 5. Keeping it short - This hair care tip is probably reserved for avid swimmers, those who can’t go a day without getting into the water. If this is you then keeping your hair shorter will make maintaining it after swimming becomes easier. For one, you will be able to fit it all under a bathing cap while swimming. Also, there will not be masses of it to wash out and condition after your swim, meaning you can quickly move on to more exciting activities than washing hair.

What are your favourite hair care tips you can add to the list above? Do you have a d.i.y deep conditioning treatment you always use. Feel free to add your own tips to the ones above.