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Christmas Hair Tips To Last The Winter

The way we look after our hair changes with the season. During the colder months, the temperature causes hair follicles to react differently to when temperatures rise during the summer months. A certain style or having long hair may be easier to manage in hotter weather, but feel less practical under scarves and hats in the winter.

We all want to look our best especially for the parties that are lined up in the calendar for December. There’s the Christmas office party and the family party and most often a New Year’s Eve get together too. Often, you meet acquaintances just once a year and usually, it’s during the festive season.

So, here are a few easy tips on how best to cope with getting through the winter months and changing yourself from being a frumpy mummy to a yummy mummy!!

1. First of all and most probably the most easiest thing you can do for your hair is to take time in massaging your scalp when you shampoo. A good massage using the tips of your fingers in a circular motion with gentle pressure will stimulate the blood flow needed for healthy hair growth. Along with this, you will also feel better with removing any stress and tension in the head.

2. A good way of creating shine and a healthy look is to make a paste of avocado with a small amount of olive oil. Spread this in your hair and leave for 15-20 minutes before washing your hair. This is an easy way of removing that dry, static feel to hair especially when wearing a winter hat most days.

3. Talking about winter hats, we all know how it destroys a hair style when you remove it. The best way to avoid this or to make it less flat is to boost your roots before wearing the hat. This way it won’t flatten with the heat in the hat.

4. Again to avoid the static and flyaway strands in straight hair and the frizz with curly hair, avoid running your fingers through your hair, especially whilst wearing gloves. This also applies to constant brushing of the hair too. Brush just once in the morning and create a style that will not require you to touch your hair such as placing grips to give you a sleek, elegant finish.

5. Take a supplement like Sea Kelp. A tablet a day can help the condition of your hair and encourage good hair growth.

6. Always use a heat protecting product on hair before using hairdryers and straighteners. This also protects your hair from frizz caused by the change of temperature from outdoors to indoors.

7. In order to give your hair that all important bounce, use hair rollers. Wind them downwards by placing the roller in front of the hair. This way, when you flick your hair back, you will have added lift.

8. Tying your hair up and creating a style with less movement is a great way to protect the hair from further damage. A lot of times, we don’t like doing this because of the dent and line left on hair when removing elastic bands. Instead, choose bands made from cloth or crocodile clips.

9. During the cold season, try not to let your hair dry naturally. Although this seems to be a healthier way of drying hair, it could leave hair follicles open and further exposed to the elements. It can also get greasier or dryer quicker than blasting it with a medium heat using a hair dryer.

10. Changing the colour of your hair altogether or dyeing it a block colour is a good look for winter. Highlights look great in the summer when the sunlight dances off it, but a block colour or going a shade darker will contrast nicely with any pale complexions.

I hope the above tips help in creating low maintenance solutions when all you want to do is enjoy the festive holidays with family and friends. With upcoming parties in the calendar, Platinum Hair Salon can give you a lasting style that you can then self-manage for the rest of the month.

Seasons Greetings!!