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Hairstyles that men love, so try them this Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is approaching and it seems you’ve merely got over the hangover of parties at the end of last year. You may not be feeling your best and far from, yet again, spending more money for a complete makeover. So here’s some easy, low maintenance hairstyles that’s always been a winner with the opposite sex.

The Natural Look

Just like the natural look in make-up, there is also the natural look in hair. This means no fancy hairdos or tie-ups but just keeping your hair loose and straight. The easiest way to do this is to apply a straightening serum before blow drying down the length of your hair and finishing with a shine hairspray to keep it all in place, especially if you have a fringe that falls over your eyes.


The Curly Look

If you are one of those women blessed with naturally wavy or curly hair and always felt that it’s much nicer to have straight hair than fear not, because wavy hair can look exceptionally sexy. The aim is to eliminate any frizz and define each curl. Applying the right hair product for your hair will make your style a lot more manageable, and your hairstylist will be more than happy to advise you on the best products for your hair type. If you don’t prefer to air dry your hair then use a diffuser attachment to your hairdryer so as not to mess up the curls.

The Short Look

Hair is an extension of our personality and many confident women feel they don’t need to hide behind a long mane. Short hair therefore, accentuates sex appeal in women whether it’s sophisticatedly sleeked back or ruffled with a palm full of pomade. Tucked behind the ear and showing the jaw and neckline will definitely get your man’s heart racing.

The Tied-up Look

Whether long or short, curly or wavy, oily or dry, hair can be tied up without the fuss. Tucking away loose, unruly strands or hiding the fact that you can’t be bothered to wash your hair needn’t be displayed with a tied-up style this Valentine’s Day. The low side ponytail, swept in front of the shoulder with a girly hair grip will give your man the impression that you can look sexy without even trying. This also applies from messy hair buns to sleeked back high ponytails. Whatever rocks your boat, remember less is more and the more natural and simple your look the more confident and relaxed you’ll feel on that special day.

Wishing you a romantic Valentine’s Day!