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How can changing your hairstyle make you feel uplifted?

Events in life can cause disappointment and knock your spirits a bit. While there are many different ways that we can improve our confidence and positivity throughout the day, something as simple as a hairstyle change will work wonders. Here are a few reasons why changing your hairstyle can help you feel more positive and confident.

    • Be Spontaneous; changing your hairstyle can sometimes help you overcome a slump in your life. According to Andrew Collinge who is a UK hairstylist and academic, women on average change their hairstyle 104 times in their lifetime. By changing your style, you send a message to your brain that says "I'm in control." It certainly helps you re-assert yourself.

    • Renew self-confidence; Change in your hairstyle can help you feel positive about the way you look and your capabilities. It can help you look at yourself in a different light. It's this added positivity that can help you take on some of the biggest challenges in your lives.

    • Image is everything; It can be surprising how people will notice you more when you change your hair. Adding a dash of colour or having a trim can revamp your image in an instant. Look at how Hollywood stars change their hairstyle for a role. If it works in Hollywood, then you too can see the same transformative results by styling your hair differently. Changing your hairstyle can influence how you feel about yourself.

    • Turn back the clock; choosing the right hairstyle for your face shape can make you look younger. Sometimes changing your self-perception is all it takes to lift you up from the gutter. The more you like the face looking back at you in the mirror, the more energetic and outgoing you can become.

    • Transform your life; Our hair can sometimes work as a defining attitude or shield for other people. A dramatic hairstyle change could mean you can start to emerge and let your personality shine through.

Give your self-confidence a new lease of life by adding streaks of colour or having a total hair makeover and changing your hairstyle. Although this may seem like a simple thing to do, the results may be something short of a miracle.