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This Hair Trend is Turning Colourful Hair into Silver and Grey Hair

Getting greys in your hair is seen as a curse by a large number of women. The number of hair dye products available on the market are testament to the lengths women go to hide their greys. Don’t get me wrong here, I am not saying hair colouring products exist solely for this purpose.

Do you have greys taking root in your hair and you just don’t know what to do with them? Well, after reading this article you may well be going shopping for grey or silver hair colour to enhance them.

There is a new trend in town, grey or silver hair is now apparently the in-thing. Forget wild red hair or amazing blonde hair with streaks, grey is the flavour of the month.

Dubbed “granny hair” this
growing trend of young women choosing to colour their hair silver has taken the industry by surprise. What’s the motivation? Is it young women refusing to follow the dictates of “fashion” and blazing their own trail? Or could it be an appreciation of beauty in all its forms?

Grey hair is a sign of age, and age is a sign of experience.

This latest trend celebrates the life experience and wisdom that come with age. Maybe its the show of strength and power represented by grey haired women like Dame Helen Mirren giving this trend traction?

So now you know the “next big thing” in hair and must be wondering if your hair is suitable. Well, just like with any
hair colour job, grey or silver hair is for everyone. Depending on your current hair colour you may have to go through intermediate stages to get to grey.

Not sure if being a foxy grey will do for you, why not start off with silver streaks instead? This will give you real evidence as to whether you like the look or not. Are you brave and bold and ready to take the plunge?

Talk to your hair stylist today and
get some advice on how best to rock your new found favourite hairstyle. Here at Platinum Hair Studio we are keen to help our clients find the best hairstyle match for their personality.

We want out clients to look their best whatever the moment and hence, go the extra mile in making sure what you get is a style that is unique to you and brings out the inner beauty that you deserve.