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This year is all about you: New hairstyles in 2016 to try

Every year that comes round is a chance for a new start. Whatever the reason that the last year is behind you, the future is all important. In these fashion-conscious days, everyone wants to look their best. That means having a wardrobe of clothes for leisure time and, of course, one of the new hairstyles in 2016.

Major celebrities appearing at premieres or award ceremonies are a good guide to the best styles emerging this year. These are people to have to look their best at all times. That is not to say that every woman has not got times when she wishes to really impressive; it may be a wedding, special anniversary or birthday.

Some women prefer their hair long while others look stunning with short hair. If you have long or medium hair you can select a style that gathers the hair up to give the impression of shortness without the need for scissors.

Examples of hot new hairstyles in 2016 you can try include:

  • The flipped crop is a short style with the volume of hair flipped to one side, straight or wavy.
  • The ponytail with the tail either coming from the top of the head or alternatively the side.
  • A third alternative for longer hair is to have it swept back, either straight or wavy, commonly done taking the hair behind the ears.

Those that prefer short hair still have plenty of choice and there are many famous celebrities that have worn their hair short throughout their careers. Some cuts sweep the hair up from the forehead while others have a fringe.

  • The Pixie cut draws the short hair upwards.
  • The ‘Miley Cyrus’ look is short with a small fringe and hair too short to cover the ears.

It is a matter of personal taste whether to have both ears visible or perhaps cover the ear on one side of the face. If the style involves cutting then there is no going back for a few weeks.

New hairstyles in 2016 may surprise everyone. While unlikely there are plenty of talented stylists striving to maintain their reputation for innovation or striving to create one. There are plenty of willing clients, some with a good idea of the general style they wish and others open to new suggestions for a brand new start.

Who knows? 2016 may be the year when your life changes for the better, and to think it can all begin with a simple hairstyle change.