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Treat your mum to a Hair colour and styling treatment this Mother's Day

Mother’s Day is nearly upon us once again and before you know it it’s Easter already. You probably have something special planned for your mum this Mother’s Day. Today we have another brilliant idea how you can make her day even more special by booking a hair colour and styling treatment.

Salon hair colour treatments are a cut above the do it at home kind you get in a box. For one you are always really not sure if you have put enough of everything or if you have left it on long enough.

When you get a salon colour treatment and styling then you are in the good hands of experienced and knowledgeable staff. You know what, why not make it about the two of you? With special offers on Mother’s Day treatments, you can easily choose a special treat for two.

If you are looking for a way to make your mum shine this Mother’s Day then with a hair colour styling and treatment experience you are onto a winner. Whatever your mum’s hair colour, expert hair stylists will know exactly what to do when you walk into the salon.

Maybe its a surprise for mum, or you know exactly what she wants, chatting to the friendly stylists will help get her what she wants. Any woman will receive a massive boost from having a hair treatment experience and this is sure to make your mum’s Mother’s Day one to remember.

Whether your mum is going for a complete recolour or a touch up there is so much styling inspiration out there. Long hair, short hair or medium hair with the right professional working it that doesn’t really matter.

Mother’s Day card check, box of her favourite chocolate - check, lovely flowers - check and to cap it all off a hair colour and styling treatment appointment booked - check?

Now you are ready to show the most important woman in your life how much is loved and appreciated. And if you haven’t booked an appointment yet, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take the step to making your mum smile well beyond Mother’s Day.

Platinum Hair Studio is all about giving you and your mother that little bit extra to help create a special day. We have some fantastic offers and creative ideas, why not pop in to our studio and have a chat with us.