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You deserve a colour hair treatment with Valentine’s Day just around the corner

Whether you tell your husband or boyfriend several times a week that you love him, there are some special days in the year when you need to celebrate the fact that you have such a good relationship. Birthdays and anniversaries are important but so is Valentine’s Day, the day of the year that couples traditionally celebrate their love.

You have to remember a card because he will be booking your favourite restaurant and buying you flowers because he always has each year.

What can you do to surprise him? Why not
book a colour hair treatment?

The secret of a good relationship is often to keep each other on their toes. A new look is certainly one way to do that.

It is an exceptionally busy time for hairdressers with many women planning to look their best on this special day. Of course, if you have a regular hairdresser you should be able to get an appointment at a time to suit you without too much trouble.

The thing you have to decide is whether you want to leave it until Valentine’s Day itself so the surprise is fresh when you go out to dinner. The next decision you need to make before your colour hair treatment is what colour you want.

If you decide on just getting streaks, then you can get blue, red or yellow perhaps which will always be a sharp contrast to you natural hair colour. If however you are going for a complete change these colours are perhaps a little too daring?

Some people are natural blondes. Not as many as you might think, because it is a popular choice for women going for colour hair treatment. It is certainly a contrast to someone whose natural hair colour is black or dark brown. If your hair colour is light brown, it is not too great a step to go a blonde so take the leap.

If you have the change done on the day, you can imagine his surprise when he returns from work and you open the door. It will be almost like he is taking out a new lady for dinner later in the evening.