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A hair salon treatment would make a super Mother’s Day present

Mother’s Day is just round the corner and if you are stuck for a gift, then this article is just for you.

Finding the perfect gift that conveys your love and heartfelt thanks for everything your mum has done can be difficult. A bunch of flowers is a great token and a hair salon treatment could be the icing on the cake.

So want to turn this Mother’s day into something your mum will remember for a long time to come? Here are few hair salon treatment ideas to help you out.

Give mum a new look with a cut and finish
All mums enjoy a bit of attention and fuss, and there is no better time to spoil your mum than on Mother’s day. Book her in for a luxury cut and finish to make her feel special. Perfectly tailored for all types of hair, this is a simple hair salon treatment your mum will enjoy.

Add colour to your mum’s life (mostly in her hair)
So you have already settled on a bouquet of your mum’s favourite flowers to add a bit of colour to her front room, but why should it end there. Add even more colour by booking a secret hair salon treatment for her. Leave the choice up to her, whether she wants to go full colour or just a hint of colour with streaks or highlights.

Mother and daughter hair salon treatment
Who says Mother’s day is just for your mum. Make the day even more special by having the treatment together. It’s one thing to send mum a gift voucher for the treatment and quite another sitting in the chair next to her sharing the moment. Whether she chooses a simple cut and blow dry or a cut and full colour treatment, you will both have a memorable time together.

Most mothers like the simple things in life, a simple Mother’s Day card, a bunch of fresh flowers or a hearty meal will do. Why not take it a step further and add a hair salon treatment to the mix.

No doubt mum will enjoy it, and so will you, knowing your gesture is cherished and you have made mum smile. Don’t wait another day, book your treatment today and give mum a lovely surprise that will make her heart melt.