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How to maintain Healthy Holiday Hair

The thought of being on holiday gives us the sense of relaxation and repair to our body and mind. However, our hair is not so lucky. The elements can cause unreversed damage to the follicles and lustre of hair. The sun’s rays not only damages our skin, which we pay a lot of attention to by applying sun-creams and blocks due to the continuous reminder of skin cancer looms in our minds but also the health of our eyes and hair.


Hairstyles that would best suit your face shape

Every person has unique features but there are around 6 different shapes of faces that incorporates most looks. Some people have a combination of two shapes or more.

Finding the right hairstyle can be a challenge especially when you have the choice of having it long or short, curly or straight and so forth. The best advice given is to usually stick to your hair type and work a style that will be manageable and time saving especially in our busy life schedules. Read More...