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New Year, New Resolution. Kick off 2015 with a new hairstyle

Close the door on 2014 and its hair triumphs and disasters with style. 2015 beckons and it’s the perfect opportunity to make a fresh start. It’s the New Year and that time of the year when you make new resolutions.

Kick off 2015 with a new hairstyle and start the new year on a confidence high.

You may be pondering about what you’re going to do with your hair for the New Year. Well, isn’t this the chance you have been waiting for? The stakes couldn’t be even higher. Most people will wait until a few months into the year to start thinking about their resolutions.

Putting them into action will take a few more days, if not weeks. However, you can start with the ringing of the bells, well maybe even a little earlier. Adopt a new hairstyle as part of your resolutions and then rock it to straight away.

Nothing says I am ready to face 2015 than taking the bold step to take on a new hair style. Furthermore, wearing your new style early in the year is a very bold statement of intention. You intend to take on 2015 and own it, stepping out confidently with a new hairstyle will boost your self esteem.

Choosing a hairstyle can often be hard. Here are few ideas of hairstyles expected to rock 2015 to help you decide on the best new look:

  • The Marilyn Bob is as timeless as the the sexy and confident persona that is Marilyn Monroe. Suitable for neck length hair of any colour, and requires little more than the right volumizing spray, a hair drier and the curler to replicate this evergreen look.

  • The Updo is stylish and every hairdresser’s staple. Create volume in your hair by using volumizing shampoo regularly or a styling spray to create an impression of thicker hair. The piece de resistance is pulling your hair up into a bun or ponytail, leaving a few strands loose to frame your face.

Other hairstyles making a comeback include the Long Wavy hairstyles for those endowed with flowing locks. It takes a bit of care and maintenance, but if you have long hair just be you and feel free to show it off.

Say hello to 2015 with a new hairstyle and be get ready to shine.