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Simple hair care tips for dyed hair

Changing your hair colour is one of the best ways to keep your look trendy and exciting. However, the most common mistake women make when it comes to dyeing their hair is forgetting to take care of it properly. Just like your natural hair, dyed hair needs care and attention too.

Below are a couple of simple hair care tips to keep the colour vibrant and the hair underneath, healthy.

  • Take Care of the ends - If your hair is healthy, the colour will stay brighter for longer. Make a date with your hairdresser and get the ends trimmed at least every six weeks.
  • Cosy up to your moisturising conditioner - When you add colour to your hair, you will notice it tends to get drier than normal. Using a moisturising conditioner at least one day a week will help to moisturise your hair and counteract the dryness. Allow your hair to absorb as much of conditioner as possible by making it damp using warm water. Create a hair wrap using a towel and keep it on for thirty minutes and be amazed by what it does to your hair.
  • Don't change your hair colour too frequently - Hair dyes contain chemicals that will cause damage to your if used on a consistent basis. Changing your hair colour frequently exposes your hair to these chemicals which naturally means more damage to your hair. Give your hair time to recover between colour changes, that will do your hair a lot of good.
  • Drink more water - Your hair’s health can often be an overall indication of your body’s health inside. Drinking more water, eating juicy fruit, drinking juices and maintaining a healthy diet contributes immensely to voluminous and shiny hair. Keeping hydrated is essential for healthy skin too.
  • Go easy on the heat - This is one of the most important hair care tips you will ignore at your peril. Avoid using heat to dry your hair every time you wash it. Heat expands the micro-pores in your hair and reduces its ability to retain colour. Use a towel to dry your hair as much as possible and try not to reach for the dryer, curling tongs or straighteners too often.

Following the
hair care tips above will help you enjoy your chosen hair colour for longer and maintain your hair’s health for a long time to come. Talking to your hairdresser will also help if you are unsure of how to make your colour last longer and retain its longer.