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Tips on how to look after your hair in the summer holidays

Summer is a wonderful time of outdoor recreation, sun, sand, sea and holidays. Having a good time in the sun however, takes its toll on your hair during this time. Taking a few precautions, can help you relax and leave your hair both manageable and healthy for months to come after the holidays.

  • 1. How often to shampoo your hair

The less often you shampoo your hair the better. The aim is to keep the oils within the hair from drying out and causing dry, damaged hair. When you have spent most of the day in the pool or by the beach then it is recommended that you rinse your hair with clean, lukewarm water and apply conditioner to the ends. Whilst applying the conditioner, spend a few minutes to massage the scalp. This will exfoliate the dry cells and increase circulation which is needed for good hair growth. By doing this, you will also be removing all the chemicals and sand from further damaging the hair if left in. You will notice the hair becomes more softer and easier to brush through.

  • 2. Eliminating chlorine from hair

We all know that chlorine is put in pools to kill any harmful bacteria, however it leaves our skin and hair in problems. If we don’t wear goggles or have our eyes open underwater, we notice that the chlorine makes our eyes red and sore. You can imagine what it can do to the hair too. Many people with naturally blonde hair will have green streaks in their hair due to the chlorine and others feel the dryness that chlorine leaves behind.

The aim here is to wet your hair in a shower before getting in the pool. When you notice signs saying to shower or wet yourself before getting into the pool, do it. Although, this is to clean away any dirt or creams on the body before polluting the pool, it also helps the hair to not soak up chemicals as much as it would with dry hair. Think of it like placing a dry sponge in water. It will definitely soak up as much water to make it completely wet, but if you put an already wet sponge in the water, and because, it doesn’t have any dry surface to soak up more water is therefore, less likely to soak up further chemicals.

  • 3. Using the right products

Try to buy special products designed to help the hair during hot summer days. Products that have an all-natural UV protectant and/or products with less unnecessary chemicals in it. This is because when it’s a hot day, our pores are left open which means it will absorb any unnecessary harmful chemicals more easily if left in the hair. Ingredients such as sunflower are great all-natural UV protectants because it acts as an emollient and leaves the hair soft and provides needed moisture.

During the summer, you may need to change your shampoo and conditioner or select a leave-in conditioner if you know that your hair needs that added protection.

  • 4. How to protect the hair

The best way to protect the hair during the hot summer months is to have it covered up as much as possible so as to avoid direct sunlight and UV damage. Trendy accessories like head scarves and hats can be both fashionable as well as retain your scalp’s natural oils.

Visits to the beach with exposure to wind can leave your hair tangled. Also vigorous brushing can further damage the hair, so using a head scarf or hat to neatly tuck away the hair will leave your hair in a better condition.

5. The best hair dos for the summer

At the moment, messy hair dos are this season’s trend such as tying your hair in a low sock bun or a loose braid. Not only are these season’s hair dos extremely easy to maintain, but also, you won’t have to worry about escaping loose strands around the face. The idea is to give your hair that ‘lounging around the house’ look whilst looking gorgeous as well during your summer holidays.

Our staff at Platinum Hair Studio can advice you further. Why not drop by our studio and get you hair done and pick up more fantastic tips.