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Winter hairstyles that are shining this Christmas

There is a hairstyle for every season and winter is not exception. As the sun goes down on Autumn and the wintry chills start settling in, you may be tempted to wrap your head in a scarf and go into hibernation. However, after reading this article you will be booking an appointment with your favourite hair salon.

Whatever your hair type there is bound to be a style that will catch your eye. For the short haired the short and spiky style, as popularised by Kristen Stewart, would be one option. Another fashionable winter hair style for you if you have neck long hair is the blunt bob.

Retain the freedom to change up your hair at will with the blunt bob as cutting your hair any shorter results in a bob. Winter is an ideal time to restore your hair’s health, eliminating split ends and making your hair appear thicker.

Taking on a layered approach to your hair is another trend that has been a hit in the run up to Christmas. Suitable for long hair, the Long Layers style is a favourite of celebrities including Keira Knightley, Georgia May Jagger and Megan Fox.

Layers are an easy way to look gorgeous effortlessly and offer the benefits of easier styling and adds volume to your hair at the same time. talk about killing a handful of birds with one stone.

If you are going for a stunning and yet simplistic look then the straight and sleek style is the one to go for. When you have long hair the styling options available to you seem endless and with a straight and sleek look, there is more you still can do to your hair. Add highlights or low-lights if you fancy a dash of colour through your hair.

With the right guidance this is one look you can accomplish at home, you will need a flat iron though, and the confidence to experiment.

So whether you have short or long hair there is a winter hairstyle to make you dazzle this Christmas. Go for the full bob, blunt bob, straight and sleek or the short and spiky and one thing you are assured of is that you will be turning heads, and that’s a good thing right?